“Experts in Development and Deployment of Online Learning Solutions”

With over a decade of experience in developing learning solutions, Principal is sharply focused on bringing traditional text-based or instructor-led training to life on the internet. Our services include courseware development, hosted learning management systems, off-the-shelf courseware and consulting services, all designed to provide dynamic learning outcomes.

For learners, delivery of training materials over the internet is a highly flexible medium available anywhere, anytime. Ideal for self-paced learning, the internet is a welcoming environment where content is delivered in a consistent manner, with retention rates exceeding traditional methods, usually in a shorter period of time.

And for stakeholders such as employers, learning outcomes are more quantifiable. Tracking of logons and time spent, as well as intermittent testing helps indicate levels of learner interest and the effectiveness of the training. Combined with the ability to reach a larger audience in a shorter period of time with less disruption to normal business schedules, online learning becomes a very cost effective training alternative.

Principal’s solutions far surpass “e-reading”. Our courses are visually appealing, feature engaging interactivity, intuitive navigation and provide informative feedback to both the learner and host.

Responding to the ever-increasing need for knowledge-based solutions and supporting enhanced people productivity, Principal can bring your corporate training to life.

Principal offers you an alternative…

“Continue to do the ordinary, or begin to embrace the extraordinary!”